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The night’s
Cold without you…
I lie as frozen meat
On a bed of thorns…
We have to meet again
And blend into a sea
Of erotic music…
Our bodies like
Blossomed flowers
Have opened all
Carnal ecstasies …
My lips tremble
With sensual adoration…
My body quivers
With passionate echoes…
We have to meet and
Mate into musical symphonies.

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The paunch of God
Is opening— and poetry
Falling on the earth
Is bathing it as a
Sensual music …
I listen to the
Rhythm of rain—
It’s a wet sonata—
A soothing consonance
Of myriad whispers …
Rain touching the earth
Resembles buttons twinkling….
Now it has subsided
Like a baby going to sleep.

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All the colored clouds
have settled like
vanishing chocolate
in the mouth …
The sky is dope-stoned
with hazy dark grey…
The sky’s jagged creeks
gape at me like frozen
dull beef ….
Sometimes, the sky
is like a lion opening its jaws…
Everything has vanished
and the dark curtain
smiles alluringly.

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PARA is a Malayalam word and has humorous and disparaging connotations. PARA is a noun. How does PARA work in everyday life? For example my shared-accommodation colleague goes and tells my boss, this bugger drinks every day, it is PARA. By telling lies he wants me to be ousted from my job. Due to his bloody nuisance, I was thoroughly reprimanded by my boss. Let’s look at another example: an office colleague, a woman tells the wife of her husband—I suspect that your husband is having an affair with the colleague-woman who works in the same office. There might be no truth in the statement. PARA is very popular in Malayalam culture. I am sure that PARA is also a part of life in other cultures. Why are people prone to PARA? Psychoanalytically speaking, PARA breeds from narcissistic jealousy. PARA is common in every-day life. A Malayali will laugh if asked: what is PARA? I am sure that one day PARA will be added in the lexicon of the English Language.

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Epistle for Pinarayi Vijayan from Traven Puck

Pinaray Vijayan


Dear Chief Minister Comrade Pinaray Vijayan,

Your left front victory in Kerala State Assembly elections is a turning tide of victory.  Traven Puck also voted for your party. I hope that after your victory, you will change the anti-democratic, bourgeoisie liquor policy of the previous Congress govt. to restrict the consumption of alcohol to Five Star Hotels and also to phase out alcohol by the closing down of beverage outlets. Traven Puck of Kerala is a guzzler. Being middle-class, he cannot afford to go to five-star outlets. One looses all dignity when one stands in the Serpentine queue outside beverage outlets. It’s Traven Puck’s plea that you will open more beverage outlets.  Kerala being a tourist hot-spot will lose its clientele if your government follows the alcohol policy of the previous, eccentric Congress government. I hope your government will represent the happiness of the proletariat.  It is never said in Das Capital that drinking is a shame, sin or taboo. It’s essential that a middle class man should relax after a hard day’s work. Even Biblical books like the Bible are permissive for drinking. ‘Drink but not get drunk’, says the Bible. It’s a shame that alcohol consumption is privileged for the bourgeoisie. Alcohol is easily available in black in states like Gujarat which have banned alcohol. Traven Puck has noted the statement of Minister Thomas Isaac that the present alcohol policy is unscientific. One reason for my casting of vote for the left was that you will be liberal on alcohol. Give the right of democracy for the tipplers in Kerala State.

Yours Sincerely

Lal Salam

Traven Puck.

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Middle Class Indian Masala

Masala is the various ingredients that one uses when one is cooking specially meat and fish. Here Masala is used in the cultural sense. I have a daughter who has finished grade 12th and is preparing to go to Medical School. While already in 12th, she gave her heart to a boy who is not a Christian and a Hindu. Now their relationship has deepened. While on vacation he invites her house. I have met his mother who is a decent lady. Sometimes I have brought her back from the house. My wife is all Sound and Fury about this relationship. She being a staunch Pentecostal can’t stand alien Gods. Today my daughter asked permission to go to his house. She did not relent. Despite her strict orders not to go my daughter went. By the time it was three my wife asked me to go and collect her. I went to the house. The boy’s mother was polite and gave me some ice cream. My daughter said that she can’t come with me as her skirt is short and she can’t sit on the scooter. She came back with him at four in a SUV. My wife gave her a thorough bashing. She slapped her many times and humiliated her. She also shouted at me, telling me my life is not straight. I do not know what to do about this strange and disgusting behavior. My wife has not changed with the times and lives in a conservative Syrian Christian mold. I do wonder how different family relationship in the West is.

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Women from Asian Dating Sites

Asian women are peculiar. I would like to comment on Filipinos. At the outset they would mention, no blacks, no Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshis. White men are welcome, age no barrier. I am puzzled by their phobia for the West. I being an Indian get offended by such a cultural disease. What is lacking in me? Education! I have taken a Master’s in English Literature and also my Master of Philosophy in English Literature. I wonder what’s wrong with my color. Is the color brown a disgrace? These Asian women too are not white. I wonder why these women gyenovinists, a word I have taken from gynecology and chauvinism, meaning a cultural phobia of Asian women for the White West. I know that all the people in the West are not well off or educated. Sometimes my response gets a curt reply: ‘not interested’. Is the West their notion of a cultural Shangari-la? Is the White skin more sexually attractive? I do not have answers but only questions.