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Monsoon Kerala


Kerala a favorite tourist hot-spot is also known as God’s Own Country is one of the fifty destinations to be visited as per National Geography. Kerala is famous for its monsoon or rainy season. The high pressure surrounding the Arabian Sea flings the South Western monsoon on to the shores of Kerala. This is called as the burst of the monsoon. The monsoon begins in June when schools start. It’s an angelic sight to see the children rushing to schools, wearing raincoats or enveloped by umbrellas. Rain water forms rills and flows through the roads like echoes of poetry. Children float paper boats in the water. Cruising through the backwaters of Kerala, it’s a sight to see paddy fields being bathed by water. A water permeated bird, thoroughly drenched, stands on the branch as music, so beautifully enjoying the feeling of falling rain. If one walks on the road, one can see a sea of umbrellas. Rivers overflow their music and flood the roads. I welcome the readers to visit Kerala during the monsoon.