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PARA is a Malayalam word and has humorous and disparaging connotations. PARA is a noun. How does PARA work in everyday life? For example my shared-accommodation colleague goes and tells my boss, this bugger drinks every day, it is PARA. By telling lies he wants me to be ousted from my job. Due to his bloody nuisance, I was thoroughly reprimanded by my boss. Let’s look at another example: an office colleague, a woman tells the wife of her husband—I suspect that your husband is having an affair with the colleague-woman who works in the same office. There might be no truth in the statement. PARA is very popular in Malayalam culture. I am sure that PARA is also a part of life in other cultures. Why are people prone to PARA? Psychoanalytically speaking, PARA breeds from narcissistic jealousy. PARA is common in every-day life. A Malayali will laugh if asked: what is PARA? I am sure that one day PARA will be added in the lexicon of the English Language.



I am a Hellenic Philistine Hedonist, an existential nihilist, and a postmodernist with a passion to write poetry, fiction, essays and philosophy.

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