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Middle Class Indian Masala

Masala is the various ingredients that one uses when one is cooking specially meat and fish. Here Masala is used in the cultural sense. I have a daughter who has finished grade 12th and is preparing to go to Medical School. While already in 12th, she gave her heart to a boy who is not a Christian and a Hindu. Now their relationship has deepened. While on vacation he invites her house. I have met his mother who is a decent lady. Sometimes I have brought her back from the house. My wife is all Sound and Fury about this relationship. She being a staunch Pentecostal can’t stand alien Gods. Today my daughter asked permission to go to his house. She did not relent. Despite her strict orders not to go my daughter went. By the time it was three my wife asked me to go and collect her. I went to the house. The boy’s mother was polite and gave me some ice cream. My daughter said that she can’t come with me as her skirt is short and she can’t sit on the scooter. She came back with him at four in a SUV. My wife gave her a thorough bashing. She slapped her many times and humiliated her. She also shouted at me, telling me my life is not straight. I do not know what to do about this strange and disgusting behavior. My wife has not changed with the times and lives in a conservative Syrian Christian mold. I do wonder how different family relationship in the West is.



I am a Hellenic Philistine Hedonist, an existential nihilist, and a postmodernist with a passion to write poetry, fiction, essays and philosophy.

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