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Epistle for Pinarayi Vijayan from Traven Puck

Pinaray Vijayan


Dear Chief Minister Comrade Pinaray Vijayan,

Your left front victory in Kerala State Assembly elections is a turning tide of victory.  Traven Puck also voted for your party. I hope that after your victory, you will change the anti-democratic, bourgeoisie liquor policy of the previous Congress govt. to restrict the consumption of alcohol to Five Star Hotels and also to phase out alcohol by the closing down of beverage outlets. Traven Puck of Kerala is a guzzler. Being middle-class, he cannot afford to go to five-star outlets. One looses all dignity when one stands in the Serpentine queue outside beverage outlets. It’s Traven Puck’s plea that you will open more beverage outlets.  Kerala being a tourist hot-spot will lose its clientele if your government follows the alcohol policy of the previous, eccentric Congress government. I hope your government will represent the happiness of the proletariat.  It is never said in Das Capital that drinking is a shame, sin or taboo. It’s essential that a middle class man should relax after a hard day’s work. Even Biblical books like the Bible are permissive for drinking. ‘Drink but not get drunk’, says the Bible. It’s a shame that alcohol consumption is privileged for the bourgeoisie. Alcohol is easily available in black in states like Gujarat which have banned alcohol. Traven Puck has noted the statement of Minister Thomas Isaac that the present alcohol policy is unscientific. One reason for my casting of vote for the left was that you will be liberal on alcohol. Give the right of democracy for the tipplers in Kerala State.

Yours Sincerely

Lal Salam

Traven Puck.



I am a Hellenic Philistine Hedonist, an existential nihilist, and a postmodernist with a passion to write poetry, fiction, essays and philosophy.

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